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Sound Knowledge, Polished Skills and Extensive Experience.

Regev Design is an industrial and automotive design studio, founded in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1992.

The services we provide include product planning, joint brainstorming, concept development, product specification, a complete styling process from the artist's concept to full solid modeling and follow-up to production.

We possess the unique combination of proficiency, creativity and vision that allows us to achieve groundbreaking designs with our clients. Additionally, we offer a full range of consulting and supervision services for automotive projects on any scale.

We always work in close collaboration with our clients and pay particular attention to analyzing the real and perceived needs of their customers.

We believe that a sense of style, passion, intuition, common sense and creativity are mutually-complementary and should be naturally implemented in any quality design process.

The individual artistic abilities of a designer are crucial to the uniqueness and distinguishable character of his or her designs. Accordingly, we allow a considerable degree of artistic expression, just as we are committed to the technological relevance and functionality of the specific solution.

The transportation projects Regev Design - and Dori Regev in particular - were involved in and responsible for included production and concept cars, aerodynamic studies, buses, coaches, innovative BRT systems, airborne vehicles, extreme off-road racing and defense vehicles, specialty vehicles, trailers and accessories.

We believe that out-of-the-box thinking should be applied to aesthetics as much as to the functionality of the user interface, the engineering and economic aspects, the manufacturing processes and general innovation.

At Regev Design we encourage free and intuitive thinking while adhering to the highest technological and professional standards. We believe that exciting designs reflect and promote engineering excellence.

Avidor (Dori) Regev

Artist, Automotive Designer, Industrial Designer and Engineer.